Clawing out of the blackness and fighting upward through untold dangers, demons, symbols and purple lights … our Heroes get closer to their SALVATION… Sarjin can almost taste fresh air in the Far distance…

The Heroes have entered the world at the bottom of a Tharizdun Temple Vault.

Fought through Black Skeletal Guardians stolen the temples Cube of Force 333 Holy Gems
The Lament for Lost Tharizdun and Wand of Force, fought the guardian Shadow Demon
eaten the twisted Magic Fruits found the Wand of Illumination and the Amulet of Blast Protection
summoned Janni and Dragon Horse and are ready to brave the 333 bronze rungs leading out…

Who knows if their fragmenting minds and greedy magic fruit juice covered fingers will hold out long enough…to taste the sweet air of freedom and see the big yellow face of hope ?

The answer to this of course is … Nobody…

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Valley of the mage 130328 Agmaurgus Roden Brotown OliverShead