Wand of Force

One foot long warm shiny blue metal covered small squares.

Command words : Clata Veratu Nicte

Primarily, a wand of force enables the wielder to

cause a shaft of nearly invisible, blue-white energy to spring
forth from its tip.This shaft extends 4’and is equal in effect a
+5 sword 1d12 damage + 5 hit and Dam

It cuts stone at 1 inch per cut, metal at 3 mm per cut. This usage expends 1 charge per minute.

Secondly, a wand of force can be employed to create a wall of
force as if cast by a 10th level magic-user. This function
expends 1 charge per force wall created, and a single usage
per round is possible.

Thirdly, a wand of force can be

employed to create a nearly invisible plane of energy which
performs exactly as if it had been created by casting of a
Bigby’s Forceful Hand spell

The wand user must

actually be a magic-user in order to activate this function and,
regardless of his or her level, one of the various Bigby’s
Hand/Fist spells must a known spell.

The third function expends one-half of a charge every round.

Fighters of all types are able to utilize the primary and
secondary functions of the wand.

Wand of Force

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