Stone Giant

Stone giants are lean, but muscular. Their hard, hairless flesh is smooth and gray, making it easy for them to blend in with their mountainous surroundings. Their gaunt facial features and deep, sunken black eyes make them seem perpetually grim.
The typical stone giant is 18’ tall and weighs 9,000 pounds because of its dense flesh. Females are a little shorter and lighter.
Stone giants, like several other giant races, carry some of their belongings with them. They leave their more valuable items in their lairs, however.

Stone giants speak their own language, as well as those of hill giants, cloud giants, and storm giants.

When possible, stone giants fight from a distance. A favorite tactic of stone giants is to stand nearly motionless against rocks, blending in with the background, then moving forward to throw rocks, surprising their foes. Many giants set up piles of rocks near their lair which can be triggered like an avalanche when intruders get too close.

When stone giants are forced into melee combat, they use large clubs chiseled out of stone.

Stone giants prefer to dwell in deep caves high on rocky, storm-swept mountains.

Stone giants are crude artists, painting scenes of their lives on the walls of their lairs and on tanned hide scrolls. Some giants are fond of music and play stone flutes and drums. Others make simple jewelry, fashioning painted stone beads into necklaces.

Stone giants are omnivorous, but they will eat only fresh food. They cook and eat their meat quickly after it has been killed. They use the skins of the animals for blankets and trade what they do not need with nearby human communities in exchange for bolts of cloth or herd animals which they use for food. Many stone giant bands keep giant goats in and near their lairs so they will have a continuous supply of milk, cheese, and butter.

Stone Giant

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