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Heading through the mountains our heroes met and traded with the Aarakocra and refused thier offer of griffon killing. Indeed HID in terror from the griffons when sighted.

Narrowly avoiding an avalanche set by wicket Stone Giant teenagers battle and lessons ensued.

Trekking on bravely Mark Sneakers new found Hawkeagle informed them of the way out of the mountains to some sort of freaky rainy forested valley….!!

Finding a wonderous Safe Valley the heroes did much hiding from a great thunderstorm and feasting on swan and rock bass !

Discovering a giant deer trail the heros investigated a freaky old ruin in a gross valley ( filled with brutally chewed bones and greying slimy stuff ) where they were tricked by a wicked Lamia !! Much danger and battle ensured resulting in the heroes learning alot about the powers of ILLUSION !

The Liama and her summoned minions a Nightmare and Fire Elemental (Summoned from the Heros OWN BOOK OF 12 SEALS ! ) , defeated ! The Heroes found a Bizarre Dagger in a wooden sheathe ! And the stash of the Liama – coins from a place called Grand Duchy of Geoff in a little lean to by a rotten pond, after much searching… it is now early afternoon and the cold and cloudy with a light breeze…

Our heroes chase down and blast the terrible Leucrottas that were the allies of the Lamia and then trekked far through the mountains guided by the Hawkeagle !

Meeting the moody Dwarves they were taken to down into the Valley Of The Mage and to the Magical Glade where a great battle with Water Weirds and a Water Elelmental was fought . Treasures found were Ring of Blinding Light THE WATCHER IN THE DARKNESS and a Ring of Fixing . The Heroes ventured from the terrifying magic glade Where they were attacked by and KILLED Greenhorn the Green Dragon, minion of the Exalted One .

Led out to a tree house by a commando team of Valley Elves our heroes partied for many a day before entertaining Summerstorm Nightwind and the First Protector . See adventure log for more details.

Now the team is at the pool a Giant Owl is liaising with the group who are readying themselves to fight the necromancers in the Black ones Citadel …

Launching a brave assault on the Citedel the party were first scared off by the guardian Grists Then spotted by a Serpentine Owl and scryed on by some Diviner . First assaulted by a mist of Scarlet Dancers they decided to take the pain to the owl . Agmargus was soon hit by Kaldorn’s Death Darts and a dispel magic that sent him plummeting. Mark Sneaker hit the area with a sun blast destroying the black shape that went toward them .

Regrouping to figure out that to do they were attacked by a Wraith pack and a team of highly trained ASSKICKERS . Including at least one Priest and one Assassin. Poisoned by snaek attack arrows laced with Deathblade poison and saved by the Sunblast and Dimension door escape combo the party ( mistakenly thinking the game was balanced in their favor ) decided on taking another shot at it.

And so battling on and encountering the Necromancers Speech and the following Skullbomb they fought off the boosted undead parrots and lured the Wight pack to their destruction. Agmargus having long been chased off by a Ghostly Visage and hiding in the bush MS and Sarjin face another

Then things got a bit much when MS had to snap his wand to save them from another gang of Scarlet Dancers and then fight through a pack of Shadows . Sarjin decided to call it a day leaving MS to deliver his final vengeance . Hunting the Mop Up Crew he chose his time to stike when they had popped the bubble base and were mid runnage of the partys hard won items.

Tumble , Death attack , Through stab DEAD – and off through the bush after being hit and almost killed by the Hobgoblin Mercenaries Bastard sword + 1 !!! . Doubling back and letting loose with his grell lightning lance into the Mercenary , MS decided to leg it when the Ranger assassin went invisible and tracking the blood drops got MS with a shortbow shot in the chest. MS on 0 crawled for his life and almost dead collapsed in front of his friends then still invisible Mark Sneaker calls out in a shaking broken voice … I need serious medical attention right now… and then collapses face down into the bushes … making sick gasping noises … he says …I killed the priest !
… and gives a blood coughing laugh … before going silent…

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