Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Sarjins God dream.

A huge man


He Urges you to scorn cowardice, and that the strong and fit should rule the weak. A leader’s best quality is bravery. Because battle claims the weak and cowardly alike, there is nothing to lose by seeking battle; indeed, battle determines who is most worthy of life.


Sarjin writhes fitfully and does his best to respond…‘Good Lord thou dost speak wisely. I would also protect and nurture the weak that they may also rise to bravery and strength’

Sarjins God dream.

The WEAK ! The weak cannot be helped ! They are the WEAK ! He fades into booming laughter and is replaced by a young man with red-gold hair, tall and well-built, wearing a golden chainmail shirt with clothes of blue or violet. He is armed with three magic weapons: a sword named Freedom’s Tongue; a spear called Krelestro, the Harbinger of Doom; and a scepter known as the Baton of Retribution.

He teaches that everyone deserves life and the right “to choose their own place in the world,” and that slavery and tyranny must must be opposed and overthrown. He urges you to train the common folk to defend themselves and their possessions from those wishing to infringe on their freedoms. Those wronged have the right to seek vengeance, especially if no one else will aid them.

Sarjins God dream.

‘My Lord, hast thou finally revealed thyne self to me?’
Sarjin’s rhetorical question is voiced through tears of joy and relief.
‘I hear and obey my Lord. May I know thyne holy self namely? You do seem as one familiar to me and I wish to dedicate myself to this most holy quest…’

Sarjins God dream.

A flood of light and wisdom fills you . You are now sanctified to Trithereon.
The Gods are very close and powerful in this world.And have much to do with its running.

Heres the Info. Save it and learn it.

“Freedom is the right of all goodly beings. And yet, it is in the nature of many humans and their allied races to form communities. It is that relation of an individual to his community, and the necessities of defending the freedom of both, that our lord concerns himself with.” -


Domains: Individuality, Liberty, Self-Defense, Retribution
Home Plane: Olympus
Alignment: Chaotically good
Alignment of Clergy: Chaotically good, neutrally good, chaotically neutral, or truly neutral.
Alignment of Worshippers: Any ethically neutral or chaotic. Trithereon is most commonly worshipped by humans, but also by some halflings, elves, and fairy-folk, who appreciate his emphasis on individual liberty and defense of freedom.

History and Relationships
Trithereon was born in the Age of Legends after the imprisonment of the Dark Lord, born and trained as a warrior. He immediately proved restless and combative, becoming angered at those innocent creatures of good that were suffering at the hands of the gods of evil and their creations. Some of his fellow gods of good saw the young warrior’s potential and gifted him with powerful magical weapons to carry on in his battles. Through his skill and courage, Trithereon gained much admiration and gratitude among mortals for his battles on their behalf.

Ever a lone wolf, Trithereon preferred to act alone, or with the assistance of Ca’rolk the Lizard, Nemoud the Hound, and Harrus the Falcon, three creatures he had rescued from the powers of evil and who repaid him by joining his crusade against evil. Deeply affected by the enslavement and suffering he witnessed, Trithereon became as passionate a defender of freedom as of goodness itself, and he soon became fiercely critical of even those gods of good he viewed as too oppressive or strict towards their followers and their people. As the gods began to be worshipped by mortal followers in return for the granting of divine favors, Trithereon instructed his followers to defend not only kindness and compassion, but also freedom.

Trithereon’s clerics teach that all humans, demihumans and related races have the same basic and equal rights and freedoms. Each person can and should be able to live their own lives as they see fit, without prejudice or sanction, so long as they do not violate the rights or freedoms of others. Communities and groups exist for people to pool their resources and cooperate in actions they could not accomplish themselves, and individuals are free to associate with, join or leave a given community as they wish. Church doctrine also warns against those who would seek to simply live off the hard work of the community, contributing nothing themselves in return. These parasitic folk can be expelled from the community. If one expects to benefit from a community, they should also expect to contribute to its well-being.

While people can and do form countries with central ruling authorities, these have authority only so long as the people accept them as legitimate; without this support from the people, the government has no rightful authority. As such, it is the duty of all rulers, if they seek power or leadership over others, must continually prove that they are worthy of the trust put in them by the people.

Nevertheless, in an imperfect world, there will be those who seek to oppress and enslave their fellows. Therefore, one must be ready to take up arms if needed to defend one’s freedom from those who would take it away, and it is the duty of the Trithereonite, especially the clergyman and sympathetic adventurers, to defend the weak from these oppressors, and to lend succor and support to those who require it. Oppressive authority can be just as much of a threat as the rampaging goblin or giant, and the church also warns followers to be vigilant against internal social rot as well as the threat posed by dangerous outsiders.

The virtues of the Trithereonean faith include passion, initiative, honesty in word and deed, following one’s own path in life, decisiveness, contributing to the greater community in which one lives through charity and compassion for other members of the community, and defending the freedom of others.

The sins of the Trithereonean faith include blind submission and obedience to authority, using one’s power to oppress ore restrict others when their choices do not infringe on others, dishonesty, sloth and living off the hard work of others without contributing to the community one has chosen to live in, and standing by and permitting tyranny and oppression to go on without resistance.

Interaction with Outsiders:
Trithereon’s clerics can commonly be found preaching on street corners haranguing passerby, extolling the virtues of freedom and initiative. They can often be found using their powers in defending the poor and weak from the domination of criminals and street gangs in the cities, or orcs and monsters in the wilds, also preaching to these same people they defend, singing the values of Trithereon and encouraging, but not forcing, conversions in return for services. Trithereonites will typically perform marriages, blessings, exorcisms, counseling, and other ceremonies for those who cannot obtain religious aid anywhere else; they will marry youths who wish to marry but whose union is opposed by their parents, or bless those sick and poor who otherwise hold to no god and have access to no other cleric.

At the same time, more activist priests can commonly be found preaching against policies and institutions they view as tyrannical and oppressive. Brothels may be opposed for their oppression of women, slave merchants may be opposed for restricting the freedom of the people they sell, government policy controlling who may and may not learn magic may be opposed for restricting learning, knowledge deemed dangerous or treasonous by the authorities may be taken and redistributed by the followers of Trithereon to interested parties.

Sarjins God dream.

‘Trithereon, with pride and a sense of fulfilment I join your crusade upholding individuality and liberty. I shall defend the oppressed and encourage my fellows to contribute to the greater good for all. These very domains I have come to strive for prior to our meeting and in your name I shall so continue with even more stoicalness and pride. I have but recently with my fellows wreaked havoc in the Dark One’s Temple and have used and will continue to use his artifacts for this greater good. Wouldst thou know how I may remove their vile taint so that these may be truly liberated and used to help protect in your name?’

Sarjins God dream.

You dont have a comm line like that to your god unless you are a priest with a Commune spell.
But keep up the good prayer work and you might get a dream that helps you.
After a few months of worshiping solidly with no fuck ups you will be allowed to pray for him to help you.
A natch 20 will bring divine aid. and can be used once a month or so.

Sarjins God dream.

ok cool :)

Sarjins God dream.

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