Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Ring of Blinding Light.

This appears to be a simple double silver band, with a very small diamond attached. The ring’s powers cannot be used unless the wear has worn it for at least one hour under both a full moon and full daylight.raised to activate.


Your whole body tigles and electricity runs over you for a few seconds making your body tingle lke its filled with spiders.

Ring of Blinding Light – Artifact – 20th level evocation magic of the positive plane of radiance. and plane of rainbows -

While any person is wearing this ring, their Constitution is lowered by two .

Powers – Unknown.

Magic item History


Mark Sneaker RISES II

Your good solid companion Mark Sneaker goes to the window and looks out into the dying fog…

He sighs and says… I have worked too hard for my hard won goods and my heart tells me that I can find gainful employment here in this vale where a quick wit and a strong MAGICAL DWARVEN CARRYING SWORDARM is in good need. I wish to explore this strange valley eat its pungent fruits, meet its kooky inhabitants and stab to death its deadly beasts. Once I have filled my belly with the forbidden and Knowledgey taste that this realm can provide me I might just seek you out, good friends, but for now I long for the rest and fun that a tree people life can provide me while I create my dragon armor so that when I peacock about the valley the beasts will cower before me.

He begins to Sing… tears in his eyes…

Some Want To Think Hope Is Lost See Me Stand Alone
I Can’t Do What Others May Want Then I’ll Have No Home
So For Now Wave Good-bye And Leave Your Hands Held High
Hear This Song Of Courage Long Into The Night

And The Wind Will Bear My Cry To All Who Hope To Fly
Hear This Song Of Courage Ride Into The Night

Battles Are Fought By Those With The Courage To Believe
They Are Won By Those Who Find The Heart
Find A Heart To Share
This Heart That Fills The Soul Will Point The Way To Victory
If There’s A Fight Then I’ll Be There I’ll Be There

So For Now Wave Good-bye, Leave Your Hands Held High
Hear This Song Of Courage Long Into The Night
And The Wind Will Bear My Cry To All Who Hope To Fly
Lift Your Wings Up High My Friend Fearless To The End
So For Now Wave Good-bye, Leave Your Hands Held High
Hear This Song Of Courage Long Into The Night

Parts of the conversation.

Golden leaves/And tall trees/Shelter us this night…

So the dwarves brought you here ? Why was that?

agents of the Dark Lord will be drawn to its power – Always remember, the Relic is trying to get back to their master. it wants to be found.

We have a sacred spring which will cleanse you …

Our lord and master the BLACK one Greatly Fears Spys and Loves defenses and magic. He is a just and Wise Protector of his Vale. He does not take kindly to trespassers. You have convinced us that you are not spies sent by The great Kingdomes. If the BLACK ONE is feeling poorly you will not convince him.

He has great moods that arise when dealing with mysterious outsiders or when in the pursuit of his greatest love- Magic in all its forms…

I dont feel you pose a threat to the Valley – but there are those that covet our valleys power and riches.

You seem to be great adventurers … and now we have heard of your power and accomplishments…
If you wish – you could prove yourselves allys and gain citizenship of the valley. For allys like you would be well received and wanderers such as your selves could be a valuable asset to the Black one and all of us.

Recently a group of Wizards, necromancers to be precise – six of them – have snuck into the vale -
they have proved difficult for our forces to find , as with their spells they could cloak their comings and goings… still eventually we have found them – they have made their way into the Blacks old citadel…
Rightly fearing spys and attack he has another much more secure fortress base where he sometimes lives . But still there items of sentimental value within this fortress…

If you think you are up to the task you could kill each of these intruders and save us the danger and the trouble…As well as earn your place as a member of the valley… among gypsies , tramps and out casts… – ( You could find a place among the Tree people ) They would teach you their way and soon you would know the way of the valley as if born to it… Its foods , its dangers…

The other option is the surrender of all magic beyond the most minor items and be escorted out immediatly.

Sarjins God dream.

A huge man


He Urges you to scorn cowardice, and that the strong and fit should rule the weak. A leader’s best quality is bravery. Because battle claims the weak and cowardly alike, there is nothing to lose by seeking battle; indeed, battle determines who is most worthy of life.

Sniff Sniff

Sarjins super powerful Draconic senses can smell a hint of pine and a strange pissy musty sour smell comming from up above… the pine smell can only mean one thing… Wilderness !! What the sour smell is nobody knows…


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